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First Annual Second Century of Aaviation Photos

09/17/2014 -



Read Article on Second Century of Aviation by Kevin Davenport



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Glenn Hicks Inducted into Wall of Fame

09/09/2014 -

Glenn Hicks

Lt. Col. Malcolm G Hicks will be inducted into the Dickson County Aviation Wall of Fame at the Dickson County Municipal Airport on Saturday, November 8, 2014.  

Glenn Hicks as he was known by most, became a civilian aviator at the age of 20 while attending Memphis State College.  He joined the Army Air Force in 1942.  Following his military training, he was commissioned a 2nd Liertenant and shipped overseas with his fighter group aboard a Brittish ship in March, 1944.  He flew daily sorties over Belgium and France in his P47 Fighter.  At 4:00a.m. on D-Day, he began the first of four missions flying fighter support over Normandy in support of the Allied landing.  His plane was shot down, and he was found unconcious strapped in his cockpit seat 100 yards away from his burning aircraft. Following a lengthy recovery in hospitals in both England and the United States, he returned to active duty prior to the end of WWII.  

In 1946, he returned to Europe with his bride, Barbara, where he served during the occupation of Germany.  He also piloted flights during the Berlin Airlift.  He continued to serve after his European occupation tour was completed in 1949.  His service included stops in many States, as well as Ecuador,where he was Operations Advisor to the Ecuadorian Air Force.  He retired with the rank of Lt. Col in 1965 after 24 years of decorated service.

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