Wingman Flight Academy, LLC

Professional, Practical, and Personalized Flight Training.

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Phone: 615-917-1697

Chief Instructor: Toby Rice

Dickson County Municipal Airport is the home of Wingman Flight Academy, LLC. Wingman offers flight training to students with zero-experience and through advanced ratings, such as commercial pilot and flight instructor.



Why Wingman?

We specialize in providing professional, practical, and personalized flight training. Our innovative training philosophy is rooted in the fundamentals and is exceptionally thorough. Our training prepares student pilots for the real world, not just the test. We believe in training beyond the minimums and focusing on quality over quantity.

Quality over Quantity.

Our highly trained team of flight instructors believe in better instruction through better efforts. We tailor flight training to the needs of each client using proven building blocks that develop skill and confidence. Our unique Quality Assurance Program ensures that our FAA-Certificated Flight Instructors are teaching their students using the best practices to foster student development and safety.

Common Services.

We provide excellent flight and ground instruction for the following levels:

  • Student Pilot, Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot, and Commercial Pilot.

  • Airplane Single-engine and Multi-engine class ratings.

  • Instrument Rating - Airplane.

  • Flight Instructor - Airplane Single and Multi-engine; Instrument Airplane.

  • Rusty Pilot Course

  • Flight Review

  • AQP Flight Review

  • Instrument Proficiency Check

  • Proficiency Training / Expanded Envelope Training


Our Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus was developed by a world-famous flight instructor with over 40 years of teaching experience. Students will utilize the industry's best online ground school and flight training courses throughout their education.

We believe in quality over quantity. Challenging the status quo is what we do. Our innovative instructional techniques inspire pilots and instructors through proven, grassroots instruction techniques.

We teach the teachers. Our highly trained, professional flight instructors take the practical approach to training by emphasizing the fundamentals that shape excellent piloting and aeronautical decision-making skills. We train our flight instructors using proven techniques for aircraft control, accident prevention, and personalized instruction to the client's needs.


Learn to fly with our inspiring team. Our elite flight instructors train excellent, well-rounded, confident and capable pilots.